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New Dream Market Url:


Dream Market is the oldest,best and cheapest Darknet Market


Here are alternative dream market links if main one doesnt work:





Advice to buying on dream market

This are the official dream market links, there are only that four links, if you see any other links dont visit, because this four are real one, dream market is one of the most famous darknet markets and so there are maybe scam copies.Before you are visiting dream or any other darknet market be sure that your tor connection is safe, for example on smartphone you have the chance to check tor connection, of course much better to only use tor would be to rent and use also a vpn server whiche gives you another safety, because with tor and a vpn server you are totaly anonym, rent a vpn is very cheap a good vpn cost only up to 10 dollar a month, but this worth it,believe me!

Check this link for a good vpn: VPN

another important advice

Before using your bitcoins you should mix them with a bitcoin mixer, the best way to be real safe and anonym is to use a bitcoin tumbler as a wallet so your coins are always automatically cleaned, and it only cost you arround 1% of btc´s

Check this link for a good bitcoin mixer: Bitcoin tumbler