Dream Market Tutorial

1.Need Tor to visit Dream Market

Dream Market is a part of another internet beside the usualy internet called Onion network, and just with you are able access sites whiche has .onion inside the domain

Tor Download






2.Register Dream Market

Go to this Url: http://lchudifyeqm4ldjj.onion/?ai=2196506907

Registration for free on Dream Market, choose a User, Password & withdraw Pin





3.Withdraw Bitcoin to Dream Market

When you go WALLET there appears long line made of numbers and charakters, this is your Dream Market wallet adress, but take care with every transfer of new coins you get a new adress, thatswhy always when you like to withdraw new bitcoin go again WALLET and check the Wallet adress, Dream Market gives you for every transaction a new one



4.Search item with search and categories

Finding products on Dream Market is realy easy just use box for search where youre able to search for filter products by name, down to up and up to down price, countries and with or without escrow

Find a product



5.Choose a product



6.Know everything of a product

Know everything about a product, what quality, whiche quantity and very important what feedback gave other buyers



7.Know everything about a vendor

Please you need to know every detail about a vendor, how is his rating and how his feedback


8.Buy the product




9.Do not forget to finalize