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Dream market is the oldest still existing darknet market, since 2013.It seems the admins of dream market never scams because they follow a plan of being a legit and trust market.

Dream market has arround 85000 offers,thousends of buyers and vendors, very ausraising is dream market because of its vendors whiche are almost all very good and professional,the vendors on dream market are more legit than on any other market.

Some questions i have collect about dream market:

How old is dream market?

Dream Market was created on 15.11.2013


Where is the server location of dream market?

The location of dream market server is unknown


What does a buyer has to pay?

A buyer just pay his product, not more no commision and no fee


How do i become a vendor on dream market?

To become a vendor on dream market just register there for free and visit vendor application there they tell you that it cost you a onetime vendor bond of 0.25 btc and 4% of very offer you sell


What is the safest darknet market?

For sure from everything is it dream market


Is it free to register on dream market?

Yes registration is free


I lost my password what can i do?

To reset your password use your withdraw pin


I lost my withdraw pin what can i do?

Reset you pin for withdrawing coins you can do when you are login in your userpanel


How can i see if a vendor is legit?

Each vendor on dream market has a rating whiche goes up until 5.0 whiche is the best rating a vendor can have, all vendors until 4.5 are good, when a vendor has a worse rating than 4.5 only buy with escrow, so the vendor gets your bitcoins when the item arrived


How works pgp encryption?

Pgp encryption you dont need anymore because there is no a automatic encryption for messages and sending your receiver details, to use it just make a cross to automatic pgp encryption below the message box


Is it got to buy without escrow, with FE ( finaize early )?

To buy from vendors with good feedback and rating is no problem, like i said before a rating more bad than 4.5 dont buy without escrow, but to be sure always read the feedbacks of other buyers, because sometimes a vendor has a bad rating because few times he made mistakes but almost all feedbacks are good than it should be also no problem to buy without escrow – FE Finalize Early